Into the Swamp: A Vacation

The moment this posts I should be on a plane heading to Florida to see the girlfriend’s family. Between all of the sweating and the dodging of real life dinosaurs, I’m not going to have a big enough chunk of free time to write updates.

However! I’m not going to just abandon the blog. I’m at least going to post something that you guys should check out each day until I get back. (The next “full” post should be on the 19th.)

Over the vacation I’m going to use my down cycles to come up with a solid basis for my upcoming mega campaign. The gist of the campaign is that the players’ characters are going to be founding of a city in a fantasy world that would rather see them burn. As rife with adventure possibilities as that concept is, it’s more intimidating to me as the DM than our last campaign’s concept, which was “you are heroes with fists and there are bad guys that need punches”.

Since each of the characters will have an agenda within the city, I’m going to be using Dave the Game’s 5×5 Method to plan out the beginning of campaign while. Using one column for each of the player’s motivations, I’m going to create a matrix that will assist in creating challenges for my player’s individual goals that (hopefully) overlap enough to have solid party play.

I suggest that, if you are a GM of any sort, that you check out the 5×5 Method compilation linked above.

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